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I can get a flight that's $350 cheaper with than Northwest from Seattle, WA. Is legit or has anyone used them and had any problems?

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Are you sure that price is including all taxes and fees? Often they will post the base price, but not give you the total price until you get to the last page before purchasing. If that is the real price, then I would buy it, and fast! I haven't heard any complaints about them.

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If you're interested in your frequent flyer miles, make sure you can earn them as well. That's quite a few miles to lose out on.
Good luck!

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7209 posts is a legitimate place if you don't need any assistance after you purchase the ticket. If you need to change flights or times AFTER you purchase the ticket then you will be out of luck with

But if you're sure of the dates/times and are not high maintenance customers then should be fine. I used them to fly to Prague last fall and they worked just fine.

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Before you buy from Look at site. I bought my ticket from NWA - Seattle/London Heahtrow for $750. Two travel agents were quoting $850/$899. Just AFTER I clicked on to purchase the ticket, Ultimatefare popped up for the same EXACT schedule for $517. Ouch! That is approx. $300 less than what the agents were going to charge me and $200 cheaper than what I paid. I was skeptical using but...I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have to try to change anything before our June 2 departure. June 1 is the first NON-stop flight into Heahtrow from Seattle for NWA, so I'm hoping that their first day goes good so they don't cancel my June 2nd flight. One last name is misspelled on our email confirmation and wants to charge me $10 to make the correction. NWA can't change it because they say it is a "legal" name change. Oh brother! It's just misspelled. :-)

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Avoid at all costs! There cancellation/return policy is the worst I ever saw, they do not have 24/7 phone support (does not matter that they are saying that they do), very rude unprofessional customer service, borderline illegal credit card practices. If something or anything go wrong, you will lose much more money then you were trying to save. Use airlines websites, expedia, kayak - you can hardly find anything below their level.