Air travel in Europe

My daughter and a friend are going to travel from Rome to Barcelona in March, they will then travel to Sarria to start a pilgrimage. What airlines are more reliable?

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Vueling has a direct flight from Rome FCO to Barcelona. They're a budget air carrier, but we hear nice things about them. Alitalia also has direct flights to Barcelona, but we don't hear such nice things about them.

Posted by Crash
Vance, Alabama
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Liz, I see Ryanair for $29.00, Vueling for $49.00, both direct flights on March 12, 2013. Vueling is great, Ryanair is ok if you know the quirks. Carry-on would be the way to go. Price of checked bags makes these prices jump. See their websites about the cost of checked bags. Expensive! Big spike in prices on March 14th through March 17th, then back down to $29 and $49 respectively. I am looking at site. Are you taking the Royal Road on the Way of Saint James to Compostella?
If so, look at - Spain Cheers