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Hi Everyone, Simple question but can't find the answer. I am planning on taking a regional flight from Naples to Paris and then getting on a flight from Paris to Denver, CO. My question is.........I only have carry on. DO i need to pass through any customs in Paris. This is ticketed separately - two different airlines saving a lot of money but was curios about the process of switching airlines on my trip home. Using EasyJet from Naples to PAris and them Iceland Air from Paris to DEnver (via REK). any issues in paris I need to consider (timing especially. thanks

Posted by Nancy
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Since both Italy and France are in the EU, you will not go through customs. You will go through customs in the US. You might go through immigration in France, though (they are not the same thing). In any event, if you are only carrying on, there will be no time lost for collecting a bag. If you had a checked a bag you would have to collect it and recheck it because you are changing airlines.

Posted by Michael Schneider
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As Iceland is in the Schengen zone, the immigration(passport) check will be in Reykjavik. Be aware of the risks of late flights, if the Easyjet flight arrives at CDG late and you don't make your Iceland Air flight, the airline may not be sympathetic:(

Posted by Joe
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thanks, I really appreciate. We only have backpacks so it sounds like the EU situations helps, was more worried about long customs lines in Paris. I have 2.5 hours in Paris so that should be plenty to change airlines from EasyJet to Iceland Air. Yeah, saves me about $600 that i can waste along the way (haha) thanks

Posted by Sam
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You have to transfer between Term 2B where Easyjet lands and Term 1 where Icelandair departs. If I read the schedule right, you have 2 1/2 hours to make this connection. Any hiccup in your Easyjet flight and wave good by to your Icelandair flight home. You might plan on staying over in Paris for 24 hours, to make sure there is enough leeway.