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Air Transat (Canada) vouchers,..use them now ?

Hi !
Transat cancel our july Flights for France. We have received vouchers for thos cancelled flights. Looking at 2021 summer we can see that price are more or less the same we paid for our trip. It seems that Transat now have a ''no worry' reservation until september 30. Meaning we could cancel our next summer flights no questions asked....

1) Would you do it ?
2) Anyone have a clue about that ''no worry'' reservations ?

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If you can't get your money back outright, I guess the only choice is to apply them as a placeholder for next year. But don't have any high expectations that the flight will go on exactly as planned (or at all). If it's cancelled next year, you can just reschedule again - no loss in doing that, right?

Read the language on your ticket or the website to gauge what "no worry" reservations means exactly. It sounds like you can change your mind penalty-free, but don't take my word for it - read your contract.

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Is the "no worry" only for new cash purchases, or does it also allow for using previously issued vouchers to make the purchase?

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I've been really tempted by some amazing Air Transat fares for next September. As I read it, the "no worries" allows changes or vouchers if you cancel up to 24 before the flight, but there is only one fully refundable fare and its not even Club Class. Its the most expensive economy fare.

I really need someone else at my workplace to travel first. Don't want to be the test case with the employer (worry they will institute two weeks unpaid at home before return to work -- regardless of Canada's rules at that time).

Let's all hope this nightmare is fading in twelve months time.

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Better to call Transat directly, and ask if your existing voucher is treated as “cash” in reserving the new flights for next year. And if booked under the ‘Peace of Mind’ promo, and paid for in full then cancelled, if your tickets would be eligible for a new voucher to be issued. I strongly suspect that this would be the case, and should reassure you about rebooking now.

The airfares for travel to Europe in 2021 with Transat are indeed looking very reasonable. If you’re hoping to go, you have nothing to lose by booking your tix now. Plus, you’ve got the best availability for reserving the few two-two seats config in the tail, and the possibility of reasonably priced Club seats as well.

Your only risk is to maybe see some sched change activity on your flights between now and next year. I’d look for fully cancellable accommodations for your new dates next year, and pretty much hold off any other trip booking that would have cancellation penalties until the last minute.

My travel agent was surprised at the good deal that I snagged for Club seats to Portugal, when I recently got her to book them for me for early next year. I had her call them to double-check the questions I had about the booking conditions, before we proceeded. I deal with my local CAA branch, whenever I want a solid travel agency at my back. Since your Transat voucher is like cash, and travel next year can be complicated, I’d strongly recommend that you make your next Transat booking through a local agency - and automatically come under the OPC/Quebec or the TICO/Ont provincial consumer protection rules (depending on where you live.)