Air Transat Airlines

We just got a great deal on flights from Montreal to Paris on Air Transat...but after purchasing the tickets I saw a few reviews that were very negative. Has anyone had any experience with this airline? Are we packed in like sardines? Our plane is an A330 and we are in two seats together (8J,8K). Should I just stop worrying and enjoy the fact that our tickets were only $878 round trip - non-stop?? Thansk!

Posted by Michael
Des Moines, IA
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Yes, you should probably stop worrying if you're already locked in and really can't do anything about it anyway. I've actually read some decent reviews from folks here who have flown with them before. I have no personal experience to share, but every time I hear the name Air Transat, I think that they must have really good pilots in the cockpit. I recall one of those crash documentaries where an A-330 way back in 2000 or 2001 did a successful hard/crash landing in the Azores after running completely out of fuel over the Atlantic due to a leak. Then again, they ignored sensors initially, but they made up for their mistake and everyone was okay in the end. Anyway, that has nothing to do with your question...just an interesting factoid. In the future, do some research first, then you won't second-guess yourself when you get such a great deal. :)

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Lori, I have flown AirTransat both to Paris and to London quite a few times and find the airline perfectly fine. You will land at Terminal 3 which is a small-ish terminal and after you have gone through Immigration and have your luggage, walk out of the terminal for about 500 meters (follow the crowd) and you will see Bus stops for Paris Buses NO. 350 & 351. (Look for the Ibis Hotel.) For 3 tickets, which you can buy from the driver, you can go directly into Paris. If you tell me where your hotel is I can advise you which bus to take. You will probably have to take a taxi to your hotel once you are in Paris but it is the least expensive way to get into the city. AirTransat serves quite decent food & wine and the cabin personnel are pleasant and efficient and THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Stop worrying. It is only 6 hours out of your life.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Lori I have used Airtransat quite a few times, they are cheap and they get you there and they are no worse then most other airlines , especially since price is right.. At this point you can stress about it, but why? You do have an option, you can upgrade your ticket to their economy plus, it will cost more money but then you get more space( the food is about the same as economy you get a few extras like cookies etc) . Its a balance, what matters most, money or space.. food is about the same, you get there same time front or back of the plane, their staff are generally decent enough. Frankly all economy food sucks on any airline I have been on, so that doesn't even register for me.
The econ plus seats are roomier, but I have flown both sections and only spring for the front of the bus when I have a bit of exta cash.. One thing that is good, the terminal they use at Charles de Gaulle is small, so lines are not as bad for immigration etc, and I have found checking in not too painful either, on flip side theres not alot to do there, there is duty free and a few places ( self serve) to eat, but its not a hugely entertaining terminal so bring a book. The trade off of getting really good fares make up for the lack of extras for me personally. Bring a few extra snacks, I generaly find airline food so depressing, but other then that relax and think of the money you are saving buying you are really nice dinner or perhaps paying for an extra tour or something a bit more..( wine tasting, chateau tour, etc)

Posted by Beatrix
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It's a great price, the airline is safe so that's the good part. I do think they pack you quite tight. For my 6'3" husband there are no 10 hrs flights with Air Transat in the future anymore. But if you're of an average size and have a shorter flight from the East Coast then this is not as much of a concern.