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Air taxes and fees. Why are the all rate quotes on all airlines not

inclusive of all charges. I have been trying to find a reasonable fare Boston to Paris in May. Many sites quote "prices do not include... or taxes included...but not fees. The others come up 'including all taxes and fees. It is enough to drive me nutty.

Plus,the rates are so high it is making me wish I had not started these plans because the cost factors are taking the fun out of it.

Still do not have flights. Boston to CDG, a thousand each. I'm going to hold out a little longer and hope for the best. Anyone else finding fares off the wall?

Going in May? What fares have you found?

Finally found a hotel that was not totally booked, near a Metro stop--I have foot trouble and have to watch the unnecessary walking so that I can do the real sightseeing,. walks.

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I agree with you fare searches are exhausting. you could check priceline for their lowest or do the bid thing. also soon some US major airlines will have new routes showing up in April to Europe. If that is too late for you try,
good luck you are not alone on this.

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Try it is a search engine that searches other search engines and websites for the cheapest fares. When it shows the fares, it shows them within the closest dollar to the actual fare with all taxes and fees included. It also allows you to search nearby airports that might have a better deal.
I put in leaving on Tuesday, 6 May, and returning on Thursday, 29 May, and it came up with a $701 fare on a combination of United and Lufthansa. There is a change of planes required both ways, but that is a question for you to decide how much time you are willing to spend for $300 in savings.

Good Luck

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Pat, I'm not sure what specific days you are planning to go but I just looked up the 4th to the 14th on - aprox. $700 with 1 stop, $980 non-stop. I booked my flight at the end of April from Denver to CDG through this site - it was by far the most inexpensive.

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We're flying into Gatwick in late June and returning from Paris (to Philly) in early July. Total (non-stop) flight cost around $1100.