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Air Paris to London

What Co. is best to use?
Should I book now?
Looks like most are under 40EU one way.

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None. It is far easier and just as fast, if not faster, to take the Eurostar from Paris to London. Not having to deal with the airport issues is worth enough alone.

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thank you, do I just look under eurostar?
Paris Nord to London St Pancras is this the one?
About $75 each.

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David -

I am guessing you are looking at Ryan Air or Easy Jet. Remember you will have to engage in 2 hour check in - then train travel in. Thus the reason most suggest looking at traveling on the Eurostar. Out from Gare du Nord into St. Pancras in 2 hours and 15 minutes with a 45 minute/30 minute check in - you can take your liquids, and you are already in town.

Early bookings can get you a ticket for 33 Euros - non peak times

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Thats a good deal take it. Remember the RER from CDG airport in Paris is almost 9 euros ,,so if you take a plane be sure to account for all costs. Eurostar is city center to city center and if you act promptly and get tickets WELL in advance they can be just almost as cheap as flying and more convenient.