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Air France carry on baggage

Does anyone have recent experience with Air France's carry on regulations? Their website says 12 Kg total for a bag and an accessory. (American and Delta say that they allow 18Kg.)

My wife and I are each about 2 Kg over the limit. There's not much weight from our clothes; it's all from camera, lenses and Rick's very dense books. Cutting will be painful.

Also their size limits are 55cm X 35cm X 25cm. Rick's roller bags are a tad larger. If they make me check the bags due to size then I guess the weight won't be an issue!

Thanks in advance for any information.

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If their website lists 12 Kg, then I'd plan on that being the max. Are flying exclusively Air France, or mixing with Delta/American?

How many of Rick's books are you carrying? You could always cut out the pages that you need and leave the rest behind. Or, condense the part you need into a file (with smaller text) and print it out double-sided.

Maybe it's an excuse to go shopping for a single lens that will combine features of a few separate lenses.

When we flew to Heathrow from Seattle in March of '05, we flew in the cheapest class of seat, at the back of the plane (which worked perfect as we were a 2-person row directly behind a 3-person row). One thing that our class of ticket said was that we were limited to one carry-on. And no, that's not a carry-on and a personal item - just one carry-on. So we each had a day pack that we threw the in-air necessities into. We were both using carry-on sized roll aways, but we checked them. We could have carried them on it turned out.

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We just flew Air France last week and only carried on. We have the Rick Steves roll ons and had no problems as far as size. We did weigh our bags at home before we left and they were just shy of the 12 kg.
They did weigh the bags so make sure they're not overweight.
My husband wore the camera on his belt and we only took part of the guidebooks so that helped. Anything that you might fit into a jacket pocket?
We just kept working at lightening the weight because we knew we had a short layover in Paris and were afraid our bags wouldn't make it to Rome with us.
Also make sure your liquids in quart bag are easily accessible when you go through security. They may want to see it. They made us take ours out but then just gave them a brief look.