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Air France

Needed a place to vent. What’s the purpose of the “ready2fly” they offer if I still have to re provide everything 3 extra times before boarding in person.

The only good news is I got an amazing deal on this flight so I can handle a little inconvenience like this.

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Perhaps you've heard of bureaucracy? Ever been to a DMV or IRS office?

The solution is, don't question it or try to make sense of it. If you run into six people and two want to see everything, two want to see something and two don't care, welcome to travel.

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I'm wondering if I will need to do the same thing next week. My tickets are thru KLM, but they are codeshare partners with Air France. I don't mind showing my information multiple times, but with each showing, I run the risk of an individual not being familiar with entry requirements. Not looking forward to potential problems.

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AF and KLM aren't just codeshare partners—they're two divisions of the same corporate parent.

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The French border police didn’t even want my PLF. just my passport and a cursory glance at covid vaccine card.

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A little perspective, please.

If having to show your documents repeatedly is the biggest trouble you encounter, then you are living a very, very charmed life. Count your blessings, and let the small stuff go.

As they say, "c'est la vie."

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Air France sent out email a day before offering a “ready2fly” the email states once official documents are approved you simply have to show said ready2fly icon on your boarding pass

If that is not the case then don’t offer the program. I had to show my vaccine card again at the airport. It’s just annoying. The boarding process delayed the flight an hour.