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Air fare booking to Europe thru

Has anybody ever had any dealings with booking flights from the U.S. to Europe using web site called It appears that right now we can get best fares using that web site for travel next summer, but I have never heard of the site and am leary of shelling out $1500 per person if they are not legit.

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I would not book tickets for summer now. Your talking seven months out, you will be safe waiting another 3 months easy. Given all the uncertainty with fuel and economy, my guess is that there will be some bargains. At worse case $1500 is standard price, not discount. Aside from that, no reason to doubt their site, just you are too far out to see bargains.

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If you are unsure of a travel site, do not use it! $1500 is too much anyway.
Stick with Expedia, Orbitz, cheaptickets.

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$1500 doesn't sound like a good price. However, booking 7 months in advance (or more) is quite acceptable if you know that you're booking a bargain. I booked in September 2008 for a flight in Summer 2009 to Venice for $795. I knew that was a good deal so I bought it straight away.

Nobody can tell you when it's too early or too late to book airfare. You just have to do enough research to know when a fare is poor, good or great.

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$1500 is not unreasonable for summer from the West Coast, but it's still the high end, especially if the economy and fuel prices keep sliding. I would set up alerts on kayak and orbitz and others and monitor it for a bit. If you see a good fare (under $1000) then jump on it.

Case in point, I nearly bought $800 tickets for our Italy trip next week (winter is much cheaper). But I didn't like the flight times and thought I could do better. Two weeks later, I purchased two tickets for just under $650 each. It requires patience, diligence, and a bit of luck.