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Air Dolomiti

I'm having difficulty making a reservation online. It will not accept the date of June 24th of this year. I have translated the page to English. No answer online via their chat option.

Any advice?

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I just tried the English language version of the page and when I selected 24 June from the calendar for Bologna to Munich it came up with four flights. What sectors are you looking at flying and have you selected the plus or minus three days option (it may be there are no flights on the date you want)?

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Susan, might you be entering the date as 6/24/2016 instead of the European 24/6/2016? I've done that more than once! And sometimes it's hard to tell which format the site wants.

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Thank you for your suggestions. It had a drop down calendar, which would not accept the date. It would display letters. I just got it to accept the date via the calendar today. Might have been a website glitch, but now I am having concerns over the fee. It displays per person 41.39 euros, but once selected it shows 4,139. euros. Ah! Any suggestions? Thanks!

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It sounds like the website thinks you're buying tickets for 100 people. You could try clearing your cache and cookies, and then try again.