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Air Dolomiti Carry on baggage

Has anyone had any experience with Air Dolomiti. Their website says only 1 carry on. Does that mean no personal item? It also says 8 kg. Is that enforced?

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For European airlines, you should assume that the carry-on rules are enforced. This is particularly true for regional airlines such as Air Dolomiti, which operates smaller aircrafts that may not have enough overhead bin space for even a standard carry-on roller.

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I’ve flown on other regional airlines in Europe and the baggage limits were very strictly enforced. They have scales at the gate to weigh your carryon luggage, and luggage racks to measure your bags. I’ve seen gate agents walk around the waiting area and pull out luggage to be weighed/measured. The fees are very high if you are over the size/weight limit. When in doubt, pay in advance to check the bag.

We had an instance in Iberia air (from Madrid to Paris) where they were boarding the plane and as people were walking up the stairs to the plane, airline staff we grabbing carryon luggage (including ours) and loading it on the plane. No discussion. An impromptu “gate check”, I think. I think it was to save time in boarding. Those bags were sitting on the tarmac as we de-planed in Paris.

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I might also add I was once forced to gate check my bag outbound ORD->FRA by Lufthansa. Gate agent went around with scales to weigh bags, as well as checking sizes.

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You can pay for business class and have 2 carry on’s. We paid more with Easy Jet as not to check bags (too many lost luggage experiences) but it was not all that expensive.