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Air Courier discount travel

Is this method of getting to see the world viable? What have been people's success stories? What is the downside to membership? Is membership a rip-off? Are there good websites to visit? I know about:; Thanks Dorsey

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I don't know anything about this organisation. I do know an awful lot about airlines and the way they price and sell to both the general public and travel agents. One of the websites says - "Secret Airfares" the Airlines prefer to keep quiet. Yeah right! That's verging on paranoid conspiricy theory.

As I say I don't know anything about this organisation. I do know that there are plenty of organisations out there who purport to sell discounted travel and accommodation packages. The main way you can tell that it's bogus is that you have to pay a fee before you get any real information. Once you pay all you get is the same sort of price you would get if you contacted either the airline direct or a 'consolidator' travel agency. Your fee is always non-refundable.

Testimonials of good service on a web site don't mean a thing. I can post a testimonial on a web site from Cameron Diaz saying I'm the world's greatest lover, it may not necessarily be true.

Buyer beware.

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One final thing :

If something looks too good to be true, generally speaking it is.

Now there are a lot of really excellent travel agents out there who can get you a fare that you couldn't get directly from the airline. These are consolidator fares and they are a reward to an agency from airlines for really good sales performance. Some of these are REALLY low fares. I don't know one single travel agent selling consolidators who has ever asked anyone for a fee before they tell them what's on offer. Nearly all of these agents belong to one of many organisations that guarantee their members follow good business codes of conduct. If a company doesn't belong to a recognised organisation, I'd be very careful before I handed over my hard earned cash.

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Courier flights tend to only be worthwile in the following cases:

  1. You live in a major gateway city, LA, NY, SF, Chicago, etc.
  2. You are willing not to plan your travel because you often don't get much notice.
  3. You only do carry on.
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It is my understanding that the courier company uses your baggage allowance (and possibly your 1 carry on) so you have to travel light. Ask before making any commitment on this as it could affect your decision.