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Air canada

I booked our flight to Venice on air canada and now I'm worried I made a big mistake.. I've read horrible reviews.. Is it as bad as everything I've been reading???

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People who have good experiences tend not yo be motivated to post them. It's the bad experiences that are reported.
Take them with a grain of salt unless there is something that specifically references or extrapolates to your specifics. Remember, any individual air flight on any airline can turn out to have problems that time.
Now if you see red flags such as "This airline not only does not provide blankets but sells them and they keep the cabin cold for the first hour", that's major.

In the meantime, you will be flying these tickets, so may as well forget about it.

PS -We almost booked our trip this summer returning on Air Canada, we didn't because of the time we'd wind up home.

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thanks for the responses. I never go on an airplane expecting great food so that isnt even an issue for me. I guess I need to just stop worrying about it because there is no going back now. We got good flight times and good prices so I guess I just need to stop over thinking things once again :)

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I fly to Europe often using different airlines including Air Canada and never noticed substantial difference. They are all bad. Until I have enough money to buy at least business class. What makes difference is the airport where I change to connecting flight. In my case options are: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt. I will put the options in the order from the best to the worst: A, F, L, P.

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Hi Tracy,

We have booked our second trip with AC for this summer. Our first trip was uneventful. The A330 is a great TA plane and the movies kept us well-occupied. Flight attendants were the usual, not overly friendly but provided the services expected. My only beef with them is that we booked codeshare flights via UA and you can't pre-select seats online. I have been trying to call for days and get a busy signal.

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I frequently fly Air Canada or their Star Alliance partners to Europe, and have generally had good service. The seats could always be a bit more comfortable and provide a bit more room, but that's a complaint I have with other airlines as well. These days, I've been paying for premium economy (where available) as it makes the flight somewhat more comfortable.

In past years their seat-back entertainment units have had a few problems, requiring "re-booting" several times during the flight which took the better part of half an hour each time. In more recent years, that hasn't been a problem.

I believe Air Canada has one of the best safety records, which is always in important consideration with me. Ironically, I believe they just won an award for their in-flight entertainment system so things are improving.

Happy travels!

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Air Canada's in-flight services have improved steadily, according to the awards it has won recently (although there are awards for almost anything these days.) The one remaining problem area seems to be the telephone information numbers, which on busy days can be arduous. To compensate, at least this summer, trans-Atlantic flights through Toronto appear substantially cheaper than on US rivals, assuming decent connections to the Toronto hub.

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It seems in Canada that beating up Air Canada has become a bit of a national sport. My experiences with Air Canada have been positive, and in fact I am willingly paying more for my flight to Florida (Feb) on Air Canada than the competition.

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I've flown Air Canada twice (code share flights) and it was fine. Actually, flying to Europe on AC they offer you wine with your dinner and they are happy to give you more if you request it. Flying United they sure don't offer free wine! As far as comfort, it wasn't any different from other flights I've taken.

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My adult son and I flew with AC last year and we both found the seats to be comfortable and we also liked the food. He is overly picky about food, so this was a surprise that he enjoyed the meals on the plane. We had no complaints at all, and the flight to and from Frankfurt to Toronto, is a bit shorter than flying from other cities.

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Gosh I have used AC many times.. nothing wrong with them. Food will suck but I have yet to say any food on any flight on any airline has not sucked.

I would so not worry about it.. expect it to be uncomfortable and bring your own snacks.. the safety record is good .