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Air Berlin joins OneWorld Alliance

Air Berlin becomes the first low coast carrier to join a FF alliance.

Will this help to lower fares by offering more destinations?

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I believe it will offer more competition. American makes most of its money on transcontinental and international flights. It will treat Air Berlin like it does British Airways--a competitor for overseas flights.

However, in Europe, it will open up more destinations thus making it more competitive with United and Delta. And since Air Berlin is a low cost carrier, fares may be lower than the competition.

And it will all be interlined--baggage, tickets, the works. Mileage too.

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American will not give up its international routes. Those are their biggest moneymakers...why would they give up the routes that makes them the most money?

Just like American is still flying to Madrid and Barcelona even though they are now aligned with Iberia.

American still flies to Tokyo even though Japan Air Lines is in its alliance.

American still flies to Chile even though Lan Airlines is in its alliance.

Air Berlin flies from the U.S. to Dusseldorf. That does not compete with AA...the alliance will open up more cities in Europe to American customers and more cities in the U.S. to Air Berlin customers.

But, everyone will believe what they want. Time will tell. And tomorrow we'll know more with the official announcement.

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This is a big benefit for those redeeming AA frequent flyer miles since it gives one more options. Oneworld has limited carriers in Europe (BA, Finnair, Iberia and Malev) when compared to Star Alliance. I'm hopeful that unlike Malev they will release more than 2 seats on each flight - makes it difficult when trying to book 4 people on freq flyer tkts.

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Air Berlin is not your average low cost carrier. It's a low fare/good value full service carrier that even offers a free snack and free sodas on the shortest flights. They're Germany's 2nd largest carrier but also play a major role on the Spanish market as they're the #1 carrier at their Spanish hub airport, Palma de Mallorca. Also they operate long-haul flights to and from Düsseldorf, Munich and Berlin. Air Berlin connect Berlin with the Black Forrest's Baden-Baden airport 3x a day (and you can buy a thru-ticket from the US to Baden-Baden if desired) and even serve Germany's most favorite North Sea vacation island, Sylt (Westerland airport). To me as a German business traveler who flies Air Berlin anyway now getting access to British Airway's global network is a major asset.