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Air Berlin?

Has anyone flown Air Berlin? I'm looking at flights from Vienna to Frankfurt, and Air Berlin has some pretty good fares. For an 85-minute flight, I'm not overly concerned about comfort and services on board, but I would like to know if they're reliable and reasonably pleasant to fly with.

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I fly them several times each summer - one of my daughters lives in Berlin. Used them four times last summer, and will be spending 7 weeks in Berlin this coming summer and fly with them. They're reliable, pleasant, and on time. I've never had any problem whatever with them. On the other hand, avoid British Airlines to and from Berlin, they're awful.

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Teresa,,its not that recent, but 4 years ago my son and husband flew on them I think Paris to Hanover,, can't recall as they flew alot that trip, and my husband said they were fine( I had booked it so was worried ) he said they were strict about luggage weight,, but all the inter europeon carriers seem to be now. I think they are considered to be reliable and reputable as I recall looking them up on flying forums .. which is what I also suggest you do,, I just would google "Air Berlin reviews" and see what sites come up. Read a few

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I flew Air Berlin in June 2011 from Munich to Berlin. It was a comfortable and pleasant flight. My flight was on time. Boarding process was efficient. I would fly them again.

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Thanks, all. Pat, I did Google for reviews and mainly found not-so-nice ones. But I trust the travelers on the Helpline more than random ones on the 'net. :-)