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Air Berlin Baggage Allowance

I will be traveling Air Berlin from JFK to Dusseldorf and then Dusseldorf to Milan in October, and the flights are operated by American Airlines. I find the baggage allowance information on their website confusing. If I'm reading it correctly, only one carry-on baggage item is allowed, and extra pieces can cost as much as 150 euros. Has anyone flown Air Berlin and been charged hefty fees for baggage? I plan to carry one one small suitcase and a tote bag.

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The discount airlines in Europe are very strict and makes tons of money from extra fees. Trust them. If they say one carryon, they mean ONE. One is one, Two is two. One is not one big one and one little one or a carryon and a purse. You better be able to put your tote bag in your small suitcase. The flight to Germany will be a little more relaxed and you can probably get away with two carryon. But once in Europe expect tight control of everything from checkin to carryon.

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You need to dig a little deeper at both Air Berlin and AA websites.
But the general rule I have found (and I researched this heavily on a bunch of airlibes, including AirBerlin, prior to my son traveling to St. Petersburg for semester abroad this past spring) is that if you are booked through, the rules that apply to your long-haul flight will be applied to your short-haul. Air Berlin would have allowed his checked bag up to about 50 lbs plus a standard size carry-on. BA, which he flew on by way of an AA ticket but BA lights, allowed the same.If I recall, the carry-on would aslo have allowed a comnputer type bag in addition.

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Gail, Larry is right about the regulations. Whatever AA allow to DUS AB will allow for the intra-European flight. Actually I've found AB to be rather relaxed on carry-on regulation. You are allowed to take a small trolley as well as a laptop bag or a woman's purse on board. Also AB actually have pretty high service standards compared to even Lufthansa. I've heard though that American use pretty much the oldest equipment they have on their DUS flights.

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" the flights are operated by American Airlines" I can understand the flight from JFK to Duesseldorf being operated by American Airlines, but not the flight to Milan. If the flight to Duesseldorf is operated by American, I think their carryon rules would apply. Would they really check the ticket to see what you could carry on?

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Larry has it right. They might not check the ticket (everwhat one of those is), but they would check the itinerary to settle a dispute.