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Aer Lingus voucher. Has anyone received one.

If you have received your voucher, how many weeks did it take? I tried calling and their auto attendant says agents cannot answer voucher questions. I have tried emailing, but email comes back as not monitored. I cancelled my flights at the start of lockdown when my tour was cancelled. I think I've been pretty patient.

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My Aer Lingus question relates to cancelling a flight from London to Shannon, set for September. I haven't tried to cancel it yet, but all the questions I've seen about this airline seem to involve flights between the US and Ireland. Anyone have experience getting a refund or voucher for a flight within Europe? Any special advice or instructions on how/when to proceed?

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Still waiting on was scheduled in late March.

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There are multiple threads here on Aer Lingus. I've participated in a couple of significant ones:

I did finally get a refund for my airfare. It was a torturous process, even though Aer Lingus stopped flying from Seattle to Dublin way back in late March and I thought it would be easy because of that.

You can follow my story and those of others on the 2 links above. Aer Lingus did not follow through on any communication they said they would do. It finally took 3 phone calls to get some action.

Do you have a case number? At least when I started, this was mandatory.

Did you apply online? I also tried to do this, but at first didn't because my flight was still showing as happening, even though Aer Lingus was no longer flying the Seattle - Dublin route. By the time I tried again, my flight had disappeared and I couldn't get into the website at all, much less to manage my trip.

What number did you call? I did this. I used this number: 1-(800)-585-0672 each of the 3 times I called.

Your situation could be different, depending on your particular circumstances. Don't give up. Ignore the recordings. Try to get to a general help or operator or customer sevice option.

And if none of that works, make a reservation inquiry call, and try to talk to someone that way.

For me, the total process from the time I knew Aer Lingus was not flying from Seattle to finally getting my refund was about 12(!!!) weeks.

BTW, I'm still getting emails encouraging me to use Aer Lingus in the future.