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Aer Lingus carry on size flexibility

One of our bags is 1.5 cm over the height for carry on, otherwise just fine, and will not pack over 10 kilo. Are they that strict?

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All budget airlines are different when it comes to dimensions. I had one that wouldn't talk about measurements, as it had to fit in the rack or the bag was going to cost me $50 and go into the checked baggage. The rack was the rack.

I've found Ryanair, EasyJet and sometimes Norwegian Air Shuttle to be tighter on dimensions--looking for every Euro they could.

My problem is that my 31" rolling bag is actually 32" with the wheels attached. It's those wheels that get me. I usually stand up to the gate agent taking up space, and they'll eventually pass me through. I had one lady in Oslo that didn't allow my bag, however.

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It all depends on the gate agent, how full your flight is, what their horoscope was that morning.

There is no answer to your question.

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And if you lose that game of chance, you will pay dearly for not having arranged for a checked bag before you arrived at the airport.

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It frustrates me that people continually carry on bags that are to big. My solution at the gate would be to have people like Dave, be forced to step aside and wait until all the passengers in compliance with luggage requirements board. They can the risk missing the flight.

Follow the rules and you will not have a problem. The desire to “cheat” seems to apply to often to those who want to brag about traveling with carryon only, but want a full size bag.

If you travel on a discount airline, expect to be charged when you decide to try and not follow the rules.

This may seem harsh, but the delays are frustrating when people push around unpaid ground staff

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Agree, Bob.

My solution on Easyjet has been to book the front seats. It costs a little more, but the carryon allowance is greater. I use a smaller than average carryon, though: 16.5" × 13.3" × 9.3"

Not sure if that's an option on Aer Lingus, but might be worth looking into.

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Totally agree, Bob.

Then they get on board and ram and jam their bag into the overhead, moving other passengers bags to wherever, just to fit theres.

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1.5 cm is a hair over half an inch. That could be a measurement error and doubt if it is that significant. It will just depend on what is been used as the measuring guide. The dreaded box could be a problem if there is no give to the top of your bag and, of course, that assumes the box is accurate. If someone is eyeball it, you probably should be OK. Then there is the question -- since you know that it might be judged oversize, what is the downside risk you are assuming. Extra fees?? I would be inclined to check it and view the extra time to claim it as the fee.

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Thanks to all of you for the comments. We realize the risk and will just see how it goes. We still have time to change our mind and learn as we go. Aer Lingus does seem to have a slightly bigger size option than some of the budget carriers. I'll let you know!