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Advice on best way to get around Paris. La Defense, DLP, etc...

Hi everyone! My husband and I are going to Paris in a couple weeks and have somewhat of a unique circumstance. As he is traveling for work, we will be staying Sunday morning through Thursday in La Defense, and then checking into a hotel in central Paris on Thursday and then departing on the following Sunday.

I am unsure of what metro/train passes (if any) best meet our needs and are price efficient. Sunday we will probably be traveling from La Defense (which I believe is in Metro zone 3) to central Paris (zone 1). Monday I will be going to Disneyland Paris (so I need to take the RER A4 to one of the outer zones), and then Tuesday through Thursday we'll be traveling in and out from La Defense again. Friday, we'll be staying in central Paris and I was thinking of going to Versailles that day. Saturday would just be a central Paris day.

At first I was thinking of getting the 5 day Paris Visite pass for zones 1-6 since this would cover the trip to Disney and all our trips to central Paris from La Defense. However, when I see how expensive this pass is it doesn't seem to make much sense as I'd have to be using the metro A LOT to make up for the cost. Even if I bought a 5 day pass for zones 1-3 and paid out of pocket for the Disney RER it doesn't seem to be saving me anything.

However, if I bought the carnet of 10 T+ tickets I wouldn't be able to use them from or to La Defense since it's in zone 3 right? So should I just pay out of pocket for all the trips and maybe get a carnet once we move hotels? s there some other option I've forgotten about?

Sorry for such a long story! I'd love to hear some suggestions from those of you who are in-the-know! Thanks in advance!

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Yes, La Defense is in zone 3. However, so long as you take the metro (line 1) rather than the RER (line A) to La Defense, you can use a t+ ticket. Those tickets are good anywhere the metro goes. So your best option is to buy carnets as needed and share the tickets.

A single ticket from La Defense to Marne-la-Vallee Chessy (the Disneyland station) costs 8.65 EUR each way. Buy a one day, zone 1-5 Mobilis pass for the day you go to Disneyland. It costs 13.65 EUR and will give you unlimited rides all day long.

Buy single tickets for the day you go to Versailles. The fare each way from central Paris is 3.05 EUR.

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Metro, fast, clean and easy to use.

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Bus No. 73 runs all the way from La Defense to the Musé d'Orsay and would be a nice alternative to the Metro. Or you could transfer to No. 42 at Place de la Concorde, going in either direction depending on where you are headed. Get a bus map at La Defense.

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Thanks for the help everyone! I guess it's not so much how to get from here to there that I'm worried about, it's just what type of transportation pass/ticket is my best option.

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It sounds like you're still asking a question about tickets and passes...if so, please be specific; Tim sure was!

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Nope, unless anybody has any other suggestions, my question was answered. Tim's answer was very helpful!! Thanks :)