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Advice for Italy Train travel: Civitavecchia - Florence - Milan

Hi, I would like to travel from Civitavecchia post cruise to Florence (staying a few nights) before moving on to Milan in early October.

I will be travelling with my husband and 2 children aged 4 and 8 years.

Am I best to book my train travel online now, or just book there?

Do you know if my children will travel free, and what sort of price range I should budget for this?

Would appreciate any tips or advice.

Thank you!

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Most of your questions can be answer by going to and plug in your dates of travel. That will give you the fare structure. You will need to go through Rome from Civit... Given the uncertainty of departure from the ship, I would not buy tickets in advance to Florence from Rome. I would buy four Regionale train tickets from Civit to Rome at any train station in Italy prior to getting to Civit... When the cruise ships unload in Civit... it is an absolutely zoo at the train station because many folks are headed to Rome. Regionale train tickets are unreserved and can be used on any Regionale train going to Rome. There are about three trains any hour to Rome. You validate (time stamp) your tickets in the little yellow/blue/green box on get on the next R train going to Rome. It is basically a commuter run taking about an hour or so depending on the train that you catch.