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Advance Train Tickets via RailEurope?

We're considering train tickets from Edingburgh to London well in advance to save money with early booking discounts. However, the ticket provider Raileurope's website (via Rick Steves' site) includes "This ticket is not guaranteed on any train and availability may be limited." Does that mean buying the ticket is pointless and we may not get seats?

Also, does anyone have any tips on getting from Kings Cross station to Victoria station (Belgravia) once we hit London?

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Forget Raileurope - book on the website of Virgin Trains East Coast. Look for tickets called 'Advance' with a capital 'A' - shouldn't be too difficult as they will be the cheapest. If there aren't any then you are too early - you haven't revealed the date of your trip.

Raileurope is just trying to sell you walk up tickets without a reservation from your wording.

Also, does anyone have any tips on getting from Kings Cross station to Victoria station (Belgravia) once we hit London?

Tube - Victoria Line. You haven't said where you are actually staying for more accurate info.

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GREAT!!! We'll be ending a RS tour 6/6/18 and taking the train (hopefully) to London for a couple days before we fly back to Florida. The RS book directs me to It's my understanding I can't book more than three months out so there are no tickets available yet.

The RS website sends me to RailEurope....but with the caveat the tickets aren't guaranteed. Why buy them?

Since you guys seem to be pretty travel savvy ....any tips for 49 hours in London??? :)

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"Why buy them?" Well you will get huge discounts if you buy from Virgin within the window of time that they offer the discount fares - I think it was around 11-12 weeks in advance. You can print at home, and you can pick seats and get seat reservations at no extra charge.
I think what RailEurope meant is that the actual provider of rail services has not published a timetable (even if it doesnt change much) or is selling tickers for that day yet, and what you are paying for is "pre-ordering" a ticket. That doesn't mean that RailEurope is providing you with the best discount fare. Plus they have a markup since they are only a reseller. Some people like to use RailEurope because it's a US site, and bills in dollars.