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Adequate layover at Frankfort Airport

I have booked a flight from Seattle to Edinburgh. The Lufthansa plane goes directly to Frankfort where I will have a 3 hr 15 min layover before taking off on another Lufthansa plane that goes to Edinburgh. Is 3 hr 15 min sufficient time to make the connection? The alternative is an eight hour layover.

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Plenty of time, especially if you have a single thru ticket.

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Over 3 hours is plenty of time. With the alternative, you could use an 8 hour layover to also visit the city of Frankfurt, as it is very close to the airport (11 min.) This is a popular thing to do, a quick and easy chance to see Germany.

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Sam and Jo: Thanks for your response. When I flew from Seattle to London last year on Air Canada the plane went from Seattle to Toronto where I had to depart, go through Immigration, claim my luggage, go through security, and then go to the boarding gate. I don't if I have to do something similar in Frankfort, and if I do I want to be sure that the layover provides enough time. The best situation would be for my luggage to be checked all the way to Edinburgh, and that I would spend all my time in the secure area so that I don't have to be checked out again. Jo, about twenty years ago I visited my brother in Stuttgart where he was working for a large international corporation, and then went on to Berlin where I was born. Yes, I have seen Germany and would not mind doing so again.

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Geor, A time of 3H:15M should be more than adequate, as the airport in Frankfurt is very efficient. I've travelled through there on past occasions with a one hour connection with no problems. As you're travelling only with Lufthansa and their regional partner, your luggage will probably be checked through to Edinburgh (confirm that when you check-in). Happy travels!

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The UK is not a part of Schengen. Lufthansa uses Terminal 1, but there are three concourses. There are international lounges in at least one of the concourses (A), I'm not sure about the others. If you are lucky and come into a concourse with an lounge, you probably won't have to go through Schengen immigration. If not, you will have to go through Schengen when you arrive, then again when you leave. But still 3 hours should be plenty of time.

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Geor, Its been said already, but bears repeating: at Frankfurt, 3 hr 15 min is plenty of time. The airport is well laid out and very efficient. You should have little to no difficulty making your connection (assuming your flights are at least close on time).