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Across the Pyrenees/Southwestern France

This is a bit of an open-ended question. I'm going to meet up with a friend in Pyrenees National Park (near Tardes) to go hiking for a few days in July. Then we drive to Bordeaux together. I'm looking for the best way to spend a few days before meeting up. One thought I had was Barcelona, but it looks very tricky and time consuming to get from Barcelona to Tardes, or even Pamplona to Tardes. So, simple question: Does anyone know a good way to do that? Northern Spain to Pyrenees National Park. Or, alternatively, what else around there is a can't-miss destination, preferably without having to do a lot of double-backing from whatever airport I fly into? I'm pretty open about what that airport is. That's the open-ended part of the question. Thanks!

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The easiest way is to drive across the Pyrenees. There are several mountain passes and 2 more through routes (via the Bielsa or Somport tunnels).