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Access to Castles in the Rhein from the towns

We will be visiting many of the castles in the Rhine area. Marksburg, Burg Eltz, Burg Rheinfels Burg Stahleck. We will be coming in on the train. No car. Do we hike up the hills, is their transportation taxi, bus etc from the towns. We will stay in Bacharach to visit but just in case our plans change where could we store our luggage at St. Goar, Braubach Mosel thanks Carol

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You can always hike. I hiked up to the Marksburg. It wasn't so bad. It looked steep from the bottom but it only took 20-30 minutes. I hiked down from Rheinfels, because the trolley wasn't there when I wanted to leave.

When the K-D boats are running, there are tractor-pulled trolleys that go from the boat dock to both Rheinfels and the Marksburg for a few Euro.

As for Burg Stahleck, I've never seen taxis in Bacharach. You can hike up, but why. It used to be a castle, but was destroyed and rebuilt as a hostel. Unless you're staying there, there is not much reason to see it.

I've never heard of an vehicular transportation to Burg Eltz. It's a several mile hike through the woods.

There are no lockers in Bacharach or St. Goar. The St. Goar TI office will watch your luggage for you. I think they are only open weekdays amd close for lunch. I didn't look at Braubach, but I don't expect there are lockers. And there are no lockers in Moselkern (Bf for Eltz). I think someone said something about leaving them in an Inn near the station.

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The smaller stations do not have lockers. Cochem has them, and so does Koblenz. If connecting in Koblenz, that's a good place.

I have left bags at the TI office in St. Goar; I understand that the Hotel Hauser will sometimes store bags as well.

Braubach's TI office has told me they'll store bags for a while too - but that was a few years back.

Marksburg: take the Marksburg Express (choo-choo style shuttle) or hike up - steep, about 30 minutes.

Rheinfels: there's a shuttle but it's a short walk (though steep.)

Hiking Moselkern to Burg Eltz: