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ABS Supplement - purchase or not

I have been researching and reading from different postings about travel from Brugge to Paris, and just when I thought I "might" understand what I needed to do, our scenario changed and poses new questions. Basically, this is what we want to do. We will be in Brugge for a couple of nights. From there, take the train to Brussels with a stop in Ghent for a 3-4 hours for lunch and just stroll around a little. From Ghent, take the train to Brussels, after lunch/early afternoon, and then proceed to Brussels. Our hotel will be in the area between St Catherine and Grand Place. Stay the night and plan to take the 14:37 Thalys train to Paris on 7/14. I am trying to book the tickets(I know, I know!it's very late). Should I get an ABS supplement? I read somewhere that you can use the supplement for 24 hours, in others for 48 hours, for the domestic train travel legs of the itinerary. Is that true - it would be nice if I can save some money since there will be three of us. Can I use this supplement for the train for both the Bruges to Ghent, and Ghent to Brusells legs on the 13th, even though my Thalys departure is at 14:37 on 7/14? When does the clock start ticking for the "24" or "48" hour deadline for the ABS supplement? And if the ABS Supplement will not work in this scenario, do I need to buy a separate ticket for each of the segment - on 7/13, Bruges to Ghent, another one for the Ghetn to Brussels. Some of the advise I read are from a couple of years ago so I don't know which ones are still accurate, and I cannot find that info from the b-com website. I hope I did not confuse you folks. THank you in advance!

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