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About Rail Reservations


I bought a Eurail Select pass from my local travel agent. But I am still unsure about rail reservations. Is it important that I do these way in advance? Or am I safe waiting to do it only when I am in Europe? Would seats run out if I wait? Also, will they run out of couchette berths if I wait?

These are the trains I need that require reservations in late March / April.

Berlin - Munich (night train)
Vienna - Florence (night train)
Rome - Naples (morning, and back in evening)
Barcelona - Granada (night train)

I considered using Euraide, but they require me to fax my credit card details over even before starting anything, and I am not comfortable doing that.

Should I be making reservations and couchettes in advance? Do I have any other options other than Euraide and RailEurope? Or am I safe waiting till I am in Europe to do these?

Thank you for any help!

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In my opinion the reservations you need are quite varied as far as countries / rail companies. I think in your case it would be well worth the 45.00 Eurail charges to let them handle making the reservations for you.

I used them for our last trip and was quite pleased. I am trying to make my own reservations for our upcoming trip, but it is a fair amount of work.

I struggle with the same question - should I do it in advance or can I wait. I think generally if you know you need a particular night train it's probably better to make it in advance. Euraide will make ALL your reservations for their one flat fee, so might as well have them make all the reservations.