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AA flight in US then connect to the UK

Does anyone have experience with this request. I am flying to Dublin from the USA in Indiana. I had to book the flights on two tickets, one tix from Indiananpolis to Philly, then a connection from Philly to Heathrow to Dublin. My question is this, because American Airlines and British Airlines are "partners" in the whole "oneworld" network will I be able to check my bag for the entire trip and pick it up in Dublin, with AA transfering the bag to BA before I leave Philly? Curious if anyone has had experience with this. I realize if I had purchased one ticket for the whole trip they would transfer automatically, but will they do it on request if you have two tickets on the "oneworld" network? Thanks!

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The traditional answer was yes, due to interline agreements. Although some carriers have been changing their policies, I think you are covered for this particular pairing because they are OneWorld partners. I'm actually taking that answer from various web blogs such as this one dated 2014, when American made that change; I've never flown American myself.

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Not 100% sure, but I would think not, since they're 2 separate reservations. If both legs were on one ticket, then it wouldn't be a problem. Give AA a call to check for sure though.

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Call them and ask !!! The rest of us are only guessing. With current security protocol I might be nervous to think that they would do that since it is two tickets. What the airlines don't like is carrying luggage for passengers who are not on the airport. They used to think that you would not blow yourself up but that thinking has changed. The bigger question is why did you book it that way. I am sure it would have been cheaper to book one continuous ticket.

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I've done this - American from Chicago to NY then British or Iberia to London or Madrid. Bags checked through, boarding passes issued together. But these were bought as one ticket. My guess is because these were purchased separately you may have trouble getting them coordinated. Call customer service and see if they can be linked in the system?

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Are the two flights on the same reservation number? Two tickets is vague - but even if two separate transactions they should be able to check them through to your final destination. Definitely call AA and ask

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Also curious why you are flying through Heathrow. American has a daily non-stop between Philly and Dublin (and it's on an Airbus 330 with 2-4-2 seating, as opposed to BA's 3-3-3 777s.)

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BA have already indicated that they won't any more interline on two separate PNRs, even if both flights are on BA. Here though you need to determine the policy of AA. So far they have indicated that they will continue to do so but things could change.

Note that on this itinerary you will go through immigration in London and Dublin. Checked bags will go through customs in Dublin.

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thanks for the inpute, I hoped to gather some experienced information before making the call to AA and BA, not real hopeful they will transfer the bags but have a 2:20 minute connection in Philly so hopefully that will be enough to collect my bag, check in at BA and go thru TSA