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AA cutting some international flights due to Boeing delivery delays

American Airlines will be cutting some international flights due to delays in delivery of new Boeing 787 aircraft.

The airline will postpone DFW-TLV service from June to November.

It will suspend its SEA-LHR flights starting March 27.

Other non-European flights will also be affected.

This is not American Airline's fault as Boeing 787 delivery delays are affecting airlines throughout the world.

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Thanks for sharing this info. I am especially interested in the new DFW-TLV route as I had 2 reservations already canceled. I just checked the American Airlines website though, and it continues to list non-stop flights from DFW-TLV from this summer on, so confusing, disappointing, and hard to make travel plans to visit.

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Still not strictly AAs fault, but at the beginning of the plague years AA ditched their 757s, 767s, and A330s expecting a much longer multi-year drop in demand. AA expected to replace them with 787s. United parked their planes but didn't sell them off. United now has capacity to add flights, and will have more once they are able to bring their P&W 777-200s back online after engine mods (reinforced cowling, increased inspection frequency). If Boeing could deliver faster, AA could recover better, but there still was a bit of miscalculation on AA's part.

Edited: according to this article on Live and Let's Fly (, AA still has their 757s, 767s, and A330s, parked. AA is even still leasing some of them. They could bring them back in service, and with some re-jiggering of schedules and aircraft make many of those routes work. But (again according to the article) Boeing is writing them a check.