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AA Adding Europe Flights

American Airlines is adding two flights from JFK airport in May. One to Madrid and one to Manchester. Both will be daily and on 757's.

AA Press Release

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Much too long of a flight to be stuck on a 757. No thanks AA.

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Thank you for that information, Frank. For people flying to England, the Manchester Airport is more desirable to fly to, than Heathrow airport or Gatwick Airport. When I arrived at the Gatwick airport, the airplane landed there at an early time in the morning, I was in that airport for one hour and thirty minutes before my Passport was looked at. And some Americans reported being in the Heathrow airport for two hours before their passport was looked at. A friend flying from the U.S.A. to the Manchester airport said he got out of that airport in 30 Minutes. And, flying to the Manchester Airport could cost less money than flying to Heathrow or Gatwick. DELTA airlines already has flights to the Manchester airport. Many people who are residents of Great Britain (The United Kingdom) fly with DELTA airlines from Manchester to Atlanta (in the state Georgia, in the U.S.A.), travelling to Florida, on vacation during the winter.
Manchester is located near the Peak District in Derbyshire. :-)
SAS airlines has Flights from Manchester airport to some airports at northern Europe.