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A quick question about Eurail Global Pass.

I purchased Eurail Global Pass, valid for 15 days.
When they asked me for the departure date, I put June 21st.
Will the countdown of 15 days start from June 21st? Because when I actually get there it will be June 22nd.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Billy,

When did they ask you for that? They were probably just confirming that the pass will be validated within six months. When you get to Europe, you will need to get your pass validated at a train station prior to your first train departure. At that station, they will stamp your pass with the first and last days of travel - the only restriction is that the pass must be validated within six months of the purchase date.

Hope that helps!

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Hey Steven,

I actually purchased it today.
So looks like there's nothing to worry about :)
Thanks for clearing that up for me!