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Thanks for sharing his information.

At first glance it looked good but when I chose some countries (Spain & Italy) and clicked on some of the options, I was routed to a non-existing site with the following message:

404 - Not found
We were unable to find the page you were looking for.

I’m curious, where did you read about this website?

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I did take a look on what it said about Sweden and I wasn't impressed, I wouldn't call it quite good. Use at your own risk.

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I checked out the German train page and there’s a lot of information there. I think the site itself is somewhat cumbersome, though. I like the Seat 61 website much better in terms of organization and finding information.

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I've been looking at the UK pages. There's nothing much that's exactly wrong about it, but it feels very clunky, very kind of generic.
Far too many links for my liking, which feels lazy to me, a way of not having to update too much.
But we all know what happens with links- websites and pages change and they go out of date. It's as much, if not more maintenance work, keeping up with links.
If something works like 'Man in Seat 61' then why feel the need to do what to me feels a bit of an inferior copy?
Why not do something different, like a guide to European (or even just UK) bus and coach use.
Or European ferry use.
Both of those would fill some of the gaps left by the late lamented Thomas Cook European Timetable.
Perhaps someone would like to do a site for North American public transit, state by state. That is a real hole in the market currently.

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For Germany, the site rates a D-.

For the "Journeys" section, it only allows you to start from one of five cities, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Köln, and Munich. Four of those cities do have non-stop arrivals from the US, Köln does not. There are other cities in Germany, for example, Stuttgart, which I have used, to which you could fly from the US, albeit with a connection. None of these, except Köln, are listed on "Showme"

I've flown into FRA and trained directly to a final destination seven times, but none of my five final destinations are listed on Showme. Same with Munich: 3 arrivals, 2 destinations, neither shown.

So the site is not very good if you want to look for connections from point A to point B.

If you put in a fictitous connection, say Munich to Koblenz (I once arrived in FRA and went through Koblenz on my way to Treis-Karden, which is on the way to Cochem. Another time I was headed in the direction of Koblenz, but got off in St. Goar), it will show you the Bahn website, where you could put in Frankfurt to St. Goar. But if all it does is take you to the Bahn website eventually, why not start with the Bahn site, not *Showme?*

Finally, for certain routes, it does give you some additional information, but some of it is VERY bad. For instance for Frankfurt to Salzburg it says,

You can certainly ignore the Meridian (M) trains as they’ll be more
expensive (and slower).

Anyone who knows about train travel in Germany knows that generally the least expensive ticket from Munich to Salzburg is with a Bayern-Ticket on a Meridian train. For two people traveling together, the Bayern-Ticket to Salzburg would be 18,-€ each. Actually the lowest price for a ticket to Salzburg for a single person would be an advance purchace, Super-Sparpreis ticket for an EC, but that requires advance purchase of a non-refundable ticket, certainly not the equivalent of a walk-up Bayern-Ticket.

And Meridian actually sells the Guten-Tag-Ticket, their own version of the Bayern-Ticket, valid only on their trains, for 3€ less than the Bayern-Ticket.

The Austrian RailJet is actually the fastest train from the Munich to Salzburg, but if you are coming from the airport, you have to leave from the Munich Hbf, which wastes time. The EC and Meridian both leave from Munich Ost, which makes them faster if you are coming from the airport; the EC is 3-5 minutes faster to Salzburg but almost always more expensive.