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A Driver in the Amalfi Coast

We will be touring the Amalfi Coast for two weeks in September. Has anyone had experience with hiring a driver or drivers in that area? If so, does anyone have any recommendations and what sort of costs should we expect? Thank you.

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I think you should drive yourself. Contrary to doomsday scenarios, the route is not more difficult to drive in compared to certain driving within US national parks or wilderness areas. Only a bit more narrow, but you'd not want to rent a wide/large car anyway. Just my two cents...

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I would not drive. I drove all over Italy and was glad I decided not to drive in Amalfi. Plus the driver can't enjoy the scenery. There is no margin for error on those roads.

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Bob, do you happen to have the Rick Steves' guidebook for Italy? I have one that is several years old, but I THINK I recall he provided contact info for drivers he recommended for that area. If you don't have an updated guidebook, you'll probably want to buy one before your trip. If you need the info right away, PM me and I'll see if I can't find my old guidebook and whatever info I think I recall being in there. Likely another Helpline poster will have a more recent guidebook, too. You'll love the Amalfi Coast. Be sure to make it to Ravello....views are extra special.

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Margaret: Thanks! I just bought the latest book and it does contain some suggestions. I'll check them out.

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We drove Italy from top to bottom Sorrento was fine and drove over to Positano where we stayed for 3 days. Buses from there to Amalfi and beyond are very nominal and I recommend to sit back and look at the scenery and enjoy. You can take a Ferry back from Amalfi and enjoy the coast line scenery as an native. We are glad we did it this way and not drive as per the other poster you will not get a chance to enjoy the view as you have to concentrate on the many curves and NO guardrails and 500' drops.

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Access the Day tours in Europe thread on this web site. There a several recommendations for quality Amalfi Coast guides. This is one stretch of road I would not want to drive at any cost.

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This is the one place in Europe I would not drive. I recommend the ferry which is inexpensive and
enables you to enjoy the views without fear.