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a baby stroller in rome, venice and naples...a good idea?

Hi Guys, Im really contemplating on wether my husband and i should bring a stroller to Italy. My son will be 22 mos old by then. ive asked some and say to bring it but when i read more about the cities we will be visiting it might be useless. what do you guys think? I dont want mu hubby though to be carrying our son the whole time cause he might not enjoy. oh oh oh.... thanks!!

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We traveled with a granddaughter at that age. Our dil had a stroller the size of a small VW with wheels to match. The large wheels were great and the stroller just took up a lot of room in crowds (we were doing Christmas markets) but everyone seemed to be understanding and, beside, it appeared that a lot of the locals had equally big strollers. Wife and I commented that the old umbrella stroller of yesteryear would not have done it - wheels too small. Do need large wheels for the rough streets and sidewalks. The stroller slowed us down as it was somewhat difficult to move through crowded areas but the price we paid for having her along.

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thanks Frank! we have been traveling a lot so i know what you mean. Canada, Philippines, all over the US, but Italy is different. I feel like its another world. Thanks much. Ill bring the stroller we just bought then. Its not that expensive but proven to be sturdy!!

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When in Venice I thought 1000 times - this place would suck with a stroller

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Well, a stroller might suck in Venice because of the bridges or those tight walkways between San Marco and Rialto, but what would suck even is worse is having to carry your two-year old around everywhere. Seriously, your back would go out halfway through the trip, and you would end up on some sort of prescription narcotic cocktail to even be functional. Carrying a toddler around all of the time would make for a miserable trip. Take the stroller. In some cities, having a top of the line $1000 stroller is sort of like driving a top of the line Mercedes. You've made it, and you want everyone to know about your status symbol. Kind of a funny thing.

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Go to the Chicco website and see the strollers. Chicco is the largest stroller manufacturer in Italy (and probably one of the largest in the world). If Italians can use those strollers, so can you. Some are really cool light version for traveling. Streets and sidewalks aren't any worse in Italy than they are in the US. Venice may have the challenge of the steps on the bridges, but otherwise you'll be fine there too.