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A baby (back) carrier- same treatment as a stroller on airplanes?

I know you can generally take a baby/toddler to the plane in a stroller and have it stowed in the cabin for de-boarding. We are not taking a stroller with us on our trip (our two year old will NOT stay in it, so then we end up pushing around an empty stroller while carrying her), but we will be taking a backpack style carrier with us (which she can spend hours in.) Will they be likely treat this the same as a stroller and keep it in the cabin or will they make us check for the cargo-hold? I'm just concerned that we will end up without it until the baggage pick-up or of it being broken in the hold.

I know the ultimate say will be with our carrier (Lufthansa), but I also know that customer service answers are sometimes dependent on the agent at the time.


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I'm wondering whether the good people at Lufthansa would let you keep the backpack carrier in the cabin if you actually carried your toddler in it when you're checking in and boarding? Since she loves being in it, you can honestly tell them that the carrier keeps her happy and content, making for a smoother flight for everyone involved!

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I probably would carry her in it for check-in and boarding (taking her out for security, of course!)