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A ? about connecting flights in the US? Need a quick answer please!

My husband is flying from Canada to Indianapolis for a work event, but changing planes in Minneapolis.
Our question is, will he have to claim his bag , then recheck it , in Minneapolis as it is the first port of entry into the US?
He only has one hour and twelve minutes between flights, on the same airline.
If this is the case, he will take carryon only.
Neither of us has flown to or through the US for many years, so not up on current rules.

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Where is he flying from? Some airports in Canada offer pre clearance for US bound passengers.

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Yes, we have Pre Clearance at our airport, I’ve just checked.
If so, would he then just go straight to the next gate with no further security check?

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He'll do US immigration and customs in Canada.

His bag should be checked through to Indianapolis.

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As long as the connecting flight at MSP is the same carrier (likely Delta or a Delta Regional), the bag(s) will flow to the destination.

Does Indianapolis still have their wacky DST issues or have they figured it all out after all these years. I was caught off guard many moons ago.

I remember enjoying a couplea nights stay at the Westin Indianapolis.

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Thanks everyone.
I think he’ll take carryon just in case.
Though he thinks he needs 3 weeks of clothes for a 3 day trip. 🤣
Packing lessons this afternoon……..

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With pre-clearance, and assuming he is flying all the way through on one airline, and assuming his first flight arrives on time, he should be able to make the connection. He will not have to re-check his luggage. Just run for the gate!

However, MSP is a big airport, so he should waste no time in going to his connecting gate. When he exits the first flight, there should be a TV monitor there that shows assigned connection gates. Delta usually also has a staff member there who can answer questions. There is generally good signage in the airport and scattered information booths (where I work!)

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Renee knows more than anyone else here about MSP and I'd take her advice. Might as well check the bag through to IND since he won't need it at MSP. It will just slow him down making the connection -- which doesn't seem that tight to me anyway.

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This will be straightforward if all on Delta (I believe WestJet also flies to Alberta from MSP, but I think the airlines are allied so come to think of it that would be just as easy).

Indiana is now on daylight time, (most of) Arizona is not.

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He bought a new carryon size case today, and it’s all packed.
(I think he’s a convert…..)
A friend who is here from Scotland this week still doesn’t have her bag , courtesy of British Airways, after 4 days of being here.
She and her hosts have spoken to 7 different people about it with no joy. :O
Another vote for carryon only!

(Tom: I don’t understand about your comment on Arizona ; and Europeans not knowing the difference between two cities?? Were you referring to a different post perhaps?)

Thanks for all the help everyone.

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As a European, I am mystified on two counts by Tom's post.

This thread was started by a Canadian travelling to the US, so why the uncalled for dig at Europeans?

Secondly, even if that wasn't the case why does he think that Europeans have such a low intelligence level? I, for one, am fully well aware that Minneapolis and Indianapolis are different cities, in different states (neither of which is in Arizona, unless there is a less well known Minneapolis or a less well known Indianapolis in Arizona).

I also happen to know that Minneapolis and St Paul are really twin cities, not one.

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Periscope brought up daylight time in an earlier post. I responded to that and with mentioning Arizona is (mostly) the only continental outlier still not observing it. Although if Indiana were not on daylight time it would be one hour less change for the OP’s husband.