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A ? about airport lounges

If arriving into Zurich on an Air Canada flight, and having a 4 hour wait till connecting to Palermo, is it possible to buy a pass to a lounge for that time?
Are the lounges opening again , and would you buy a pass in advance, or at the entrance?
Can anyone give info on relevant lounges in Zurich Airport?
Though I've traveled a lot, I've never used an airport lounge before, so am new to this.
If I book this flight, I'd like to rest for a bit before going onward.
Thank you!

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Lounges pulled back quite a bit during the pandemic, going to prepacked snacks and food, had someone pouring drinks, ceasing some amenities, but they are adding back perks as things get better. I pay (maybe too much now that I am not traveling for business) for a credit card that gets me free access to Delta, partner airlines, and AMEX lounges, other Delta cards allow you to buy a pass to the lounges. Many lounges stopped selling day passes without any other qualification. You might also have a credit card that gets you entry to some type of lounge, a few passes a year, or a reduced day pass fee.

What are lounges good for? It is quieter, better chairs, fast free wifi, usually free food and snacks, and free basic drinks. I leave from a regional airport, and my connection to an international flight usually means hours waiting, so it is well worth it for me.

If all else fails, you can always ask at the desk if they have a day pass, then decide if it is worth the cost.

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I did use a lounge at Zurich airport before, but I don't remember which one it was. I have Priority Pass through my credit card which gives me access to many lounges with up to two guests.

I just looked up the Aspire Lounges at Zurich. You can go to their website and prebook a lounge visit for 28 pounds or about $36. You tell them the date you will be there and time of your flight when you book.

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Layovers of more than 3 hours are when I start considering lounge access (if I don't already have it.) Especially when there's a lounge with showers after I've flown overnight.

Loungebuddy is a source to see what lounges are in a given airport, their amenities, and whether you can buy day passes.

To Paul's point, many/most lounges are back to their full, pre-pandemic service now.

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You might want to book ahead, in case there are capacity limits. You’d hate to just show up and then be turned away because they are full.

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Thank you all!
Yes, I would definitely book ahead.

As we get older, all comforts offered are more greatly appreciated.
No more sleeping in airports like we did when we were much younger!