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A 12 day trip in Italy april 1-12.

What would be the best use of 12 days. We are flying in and out od Bologna. We want to use public transportation, hope to see Cinque terre, and some of the hilltowns. would it be too much to also head to Sorrento? We have been to Rome,Florence, Venice, Siena and Assissi on a previous trip, so we are trying to see something differet. Any suggestions?

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Else - Skip Sorrento this trip and plan a Southern Italian trip on its own, when you can also see Capri, Amalfi, Pompeii, and Herculaneum. Believe me, you do not want to cover your itinerary in twelve days. Instead, yes, see the Cinque Terre and stay in Vernazza at least two days, if you can (okay, I am prejudice). But it also is a bit out of the way from the hill towns. So here are my suggestions. Go up north a bit to Verona and take a bus to Sirmione and stay there two nights. This town is on Lake Garda, on a peninsula that juts out, into the lake three kilometers. Take another train over to Bergamo and rent an apartment for several more days near the funicular that takes you up to the town from the train station. Then go up to Bolzano in the Dolemites and stay up in Soprabolzano. Take the eleven minute cable car that is near the train station up to this lovely town and as you gaze out over the valley, thank John for doing this for you. (additional edit) - Bolzano is where Otzi, the Iceman's museum is located, which you must see while there.

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The Cinque Terre is worth 3 nights so you have two full days to explore. How about Lucca, a small hilltown like Montalcino or Cortona, then round out the trip with 2-3 nights in Bologna? (Of course a car would be nice for hilltowns, depending on which ones you want to see.) You could do Sorrento but I'd skip the CT on this trip, then, and go somewhere in Umbria, like Orvieto on the way to Sorrento. Then give yourself 4 nights in Sorrento so you aren't rushed. Great opportunity to see Pompeii, Naples, Amalfi coast, etc. It's a lot of country to cover in 12 nights, though.

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I would take a look at the weather since you are leaving soon, and possibly head south... I don't know why you can't do CT and Amalfi in 12 days if that is all you are doing... how long are you staying in Bologna?
If you do not need to see the big 3 or Tuscany...then what are you going to do? If the weather is warm you could head north to the Lake Como area, and maybe Milan? I have been there in May lots of times and did not have a problem with hotels...but if you have particular ones then check for reservations ahead.