London-Bath-Edinburg - Need help planning

Day1/Day2 - London Day3- fly from london to edinburgh day3/4 edinburgh day 5 - flight from edinburgh to bristol. train from bristol to bath. day 5/6 - bath
day 7 - train to london. what is the approx cost i should expect for flights to edinburgh? are the connections from bristol to bath frequent?

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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Connections from Bristol Airport to Bath are very frequent. The airport bus ("Flyer"), runs every 10 minutes during the day and takes 30 minutes to get to Bristol's railway station (Temple Meads). From Bristol TM to Bath there are around 4 trains per hour during the day, with the quickest taking just over 10 minutes. From leaving the airport terminal to exiting Bath railway staion should take little more than an hour. (Even quicker would be using a pre-booked car service, but more expensive). Flights to Edinburgh costs is a "how long is a piece of string?" question as there are so many variables - which airport, airline, time of day, how far in advance you book. To give you the top of the range - if you try to book today to fly next week, on BA from Heathrow on its morning shuttle service it will cost around £300. Same flight, booked for a few months time will be about £60. Fly BA from Gatwick and the prices are cheaper than Heathrow. Or you can fly easyJet or another airline (booked in advance you should get to under £40). Flying in the middle of the day is usually chepaer. I would use Skyscanner or Expedia to get an idea of the options. Assuming you are staying in central London, by the time you have added in travel to/from airport time, plus check-in/waiting time, it can be nearly as quick (and cheaper) to catch the train from London to Edinburgh. It's also a more pleasant experience.

Posted by Charles
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I would seriously consider trains. The routes you are looking at are fast and frequent. I would not bother with the airports and the security hassles. You might even save some money by getting a Brit Rail Pass.