Fiumicino Term 3 to Term 2

I'll be coming in on US Air arriving Term 3 gate 5 Fiumicino, going to Easy Jet in Term 2. I have just one hour to make it. Is this possible? And would I have to go thru security again? No baggage, I just have carry ons. Thanks!

Posted by Tim
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Here's a quote from the official FCO website: "For passengers connecting within the Schengen Countries (from and to Terminals 1 and 3) security checks are not required. However, those who are coming from an Italian or Non-Schengen departure point (Terminals 1 - 3) and are departing for an intercontinental or Non-Schengen Country destination (Terminal 3, Boarding Areas G and H) and vice versa, must undergo a passport check by the Border Police. Customs checks are conducted at the discretion of Customs Officers. There is also a required security check for transfer passengers from Non-Schengen Countries to all destinations." Couple the information above with the fact that easyJet, like all budget airlines, has a strict check-in deadline. If you wait to check in at the airport, the deadline is 40 minutes before your scheduled departure. If you don't have a boarding pass in hand when that deadline arrives, your ticket will be worthless. The only way you'll have any hope of making this connection is if you check in online and print your boarding pass. Even if you do that, I think your odds of making this connection are slim to none.

Posted by Richard
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Thanks for the reply folks. You convinced me! Airport wasn't helpful, and airlines weren't either. Grrrrrr.... So with your Advice, I bit the bullet and bent over for Easy Jet and changed the flight to one 8 hours later. Gee, it only cost me E 164,00 - which was more than I originally spent! Live and learn.
Next time I'll fly Alitalia and trust that they aren't out to gouge themselves into the black.

Posted by Ron
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Richard... I've actually done your routing a couple of times, but as mentioned, you MUST have a boarding pass for the 2nd flight. For other connecting travelers coming from non-Schengen countries (like the USA), you would exit your 1st plane and follow the crowd to Passport Control. Once you enter the Passport Control area, LOOK FOR the CONNECTING FLIGHTS line. (Often times it's actually shorter). With your easyjet boarding pass in hand, you would show your passport at this booth and then you would exit INTO THE SECURED gates area. From there you would just walk to your gate. easyjet usually leaves from the "C" and "D" gates. It's about a 10-15 minute walk from the G/H gate Passport control area. As you see, TERMINALS never really enter into your transition. You stay in the GATES area. This would only work with carry-on only luggage OR if your flights were codeshared (and even then your luggage might not make it on a tight connection like this). And of course, you MUST have to have a boarding pass for the 2nd flight to use the "CONNECTING" booth/line in Passport Control.

Posted by Ron
Ron-in-Rome................................ Now, RPT in Vienna, Austria!
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An hour is pretty tight, but many folks connecting do this fairly frequently... But of course, this all falls apart if your first plane is delayed or late. With only an hour, that's quite a tight connection to go from international to domestic at FCO. If you missed your flight, you would have lost out on your easyjet ticket anyway - and then had to pay FULL price (whatever that would be on day of departure...) I might try this if it was a domestic connection, but international has the added impediment of passport control and I've waited 5 minutes there... and I've waited 45 minutes to clear this room. So, in your case, it was probably money well spent - especially since you already had "separate" tickets in hand and easyjet tends to NOT codeshare with anyone. Good Luck!

Posted by Margaret
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Richard, All of what everyone else said, plus with tight connections one has to consider how much time it takes to get off the plane when arriving. Usually TransAtlantic flights are packed tight, and it takes extra time for folks to
dig out all their carry on bags, which sometimes are back a few rows(or more) from where they are sitting, etc.