Athens to Santorini

Anyone have any experience arriving in Athens airport and transferring to Olympic Air for a connecting flight to Santorini? How much time should be allowed? Our international flight arrives at 9:15 a.m. and there is an Olympic Air flight to Santorini departing at 11:45. Think we could make it or would that be a mistake? Thanks

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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Well, first, is Athens your first stop, or will you be transferring at another airport in Europe? If you stop in France, Germany or any other Country party to the Schengen agreement, then you will go through Passport control there, and in Athens you will just walk to your gate for the Santorini flight. Otherwise, you will have to go through passport control in Athens, adding a delay. You will need to however claim any luggage in Athens, meaning you would save time by packing light and only carry-on. Time wise, it generally looks like plenty of time. Just be advised that there is risk if you have a delay in the US or in transit, Olympus would not necessarily be obligated to get you to Santorini.

Posted by Lisa
Elizabeth City, NC, USA
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Thanks for the advice! Athens is our first stop so we will have to go through customs. I was told the Athens airport is pretty small so it isn't like having to travel between multiple terminals to get from US Air to Olympic Air.