Rental Car Question

I have a rental car question. We are going to be renting a car in Italy in mid-December. I am somewhat of a car nut and a little fussy about the car I get. My first choice is an Alfa Romero Giulietta, and if not that, then either a Lancia Delta or Mercedes A Class. Of course all the car rental sites list a particular model and then say "or similar". What has been your experience with getting the exact car you reserved? Paul

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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In my last four rentals...exactly never. Always the same class, and I have always gotten an automatic if I requested one, but never the exact model.

Posted by Paul
Weston, MA, USA
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Ed, you are easy to please,lol! Thanks Nancy, you are confirming what I have heard from two others. I was hoping to hear something different.

Posted by Lane
Mansfield, GA
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I usually request a compact and get something in that class or a free upgrade to one class above but like Ed I don't care. Never had to go down a class. I do request a diesel with manual transmission and so far I have always received one of those. I did get an offer to upgrade to a small BMW one time but I told the guy at the counter that I was going to Italy and he said that I would be ok until I parked it and when I came back it would be gone. His way of telling me he would rather I decline the upgrade which I did. Last time we went we were upgraded to a VW Passat and really liked it. Bigger than we needed for just two but it was nice. Since the rental company very rarely, if ever, knows what they will have sitting on their lot when you arrive you may or may not get what you want. Since you have 3 options maybe one will be available.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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You have some leeway, to ask for a different car, when you get there. Italians aren't the best for service, so they're likely to blow you off even if they could find the car you want. Our last trip, to Spain, we changed to a diesel after they gave us a gas car (they charged us an extra 5 euro). If they didn't have one there, we would have had to take what they had to offer. If you plan to rent more than 17 days you can ensure which vehicle you get by leasing. Since you're technically buying and reselling, you get to choose the car you buy. Unfortunately only Pugeot and Renault offer leases, so you would have to want one of their cars.

Posted by Robert
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Like Ed, seldom but I don't care, unless I get a Lancia again. By far the worst car I've ever driven, all of which have been in France. The best has been Mercedes A Class, with Peugeot and Renault close behind.