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6 hour layover in Amsterdam

We're flying from Seattle to Milan and have a six hour layover in Amsterdam. We arrive Amsterdam at 10:20 am and don't leave until 4:55pm. I don't know anything about the proximity of the airport to the city but would it be possible to have lunch in Amsterdam or someplace outside the airport? What's the airport transportation like? We definately do NOT want to either spend a fortune just to get of the airport or, more importantly, feel anxious about getting back in time to catch our flight. We can always just bring a good book.

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Six hours is just enough time to make a quick visit to central Amsterdam. There are trains every ten minutes or so from the Airport that take you to Centraal Station in 20 minutes. From there you can walk to the Anne Frank House (get tickets in advance via the website), have lunch at the nearby Pancake Bakery, walk to and tour the Royal Place, and if you have enough time to spare check out the current exhibit at the New Church next door, or Madame Taussauds Wax Museum on the other side of the square. On the way back to Centraal Station, do a quick walk through the famous Red Light District. For more info checkout this FAQ for Schipol Airport layovers:

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There may not be enough time to get out of the airport and back in if you want to see the town. There are lots of things to do in Schiphol, musuem, restaurants, shopping. It is one of the best airports I've ever seen. If you do a computer search for Schiphol I'm sure you will see what's available. Getting out of the airport is easy, you go down the stairs in the middle of the airport and pass through immigration, That is a lot easier than going through immigration at SeaTac. The train station is to your right, ticket counters is further right. It takes about an hour to get into Centraal Station. From there you could walk around a bit, get back on the train and go back to Schiphol. Then you have to go through the entering the airport procedure that entails getting a new boarding pass at the automated machine. Security is at your boarding gate. My suggestion is that you make yourselves comfortable in the airport and take advantage of all it has to offer.

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Thanks for the advice about the airport. I think we'll just stay there. We will be tired and no need to try to cram in any additional sightseeing. Sounds like a great airport.

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It is a great airport. We were there just a couple of weeks ago and marveled at Schipol.
For a quiet meal, exit the airport via the moving ramps to the "sky way" that leads to the Sheraton and Hilton. The Sheraton has a decent bistro on the sky walk. It was a peaceful place to grab a bite with good service.