Civita Day Bag

I purchased a Civita Day bag about 7 years ago and it has worked out great. Still in very good shape except it has faded somewhat so I recently purchased a new one. Unfortunately, it appears they redesigned the bag. They have made the shoulder straps slightly smaller so the bag will not fit me. I am not a larger person (5'9" 175 lbs.) When I lay my old bag next to the new one it is obvious there has been a change. I returned the bag without any problem and contacted the Rick Steves customer service about the issue trying to find out if they had any of the older bags left. They never did answer, only suggested another type bag, which will not work because it is not as lightweight as the Civita Bag. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if anyone may know how to find the original bag like I purchase 7 years ago. Can't believe they are selling the current version. Guarantee Rick Steves cannot wear it.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Are the straps 'smaller', or 'shorter'? Shorter could be 'fixed' with a trip to REI... We apparently have the older style; my husband is about your height, but considerably larger, and when necessary can get it on his back. I hate when seemingly non-sensical 'improvements' (not!!!) are made to products :-/

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Russ, I can certainly appreciate your situation. Other Pack manufacturers seem to be "cheapening" their products also. I've found that Eagle Creek has also resorted to this practice. They've shortened their waist belts since I last bought one of their Packs, so EC products will no longer work for me. Consequently, I bought an Osprey Pack last time I was shopping for that sort of thing. There's NO way I will tolerate having to modify a Pack after purchase simply to make it fit. I'll simply look for another brand that DOES fit properly. Cheers!

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I guess I'm glad I have the older one. I consider myself pretty average size, 5'11", 180; It would bug me a lot to buy a bag that didn't fit.

Posted by jack
Sheboygan, Wisc., USA
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I bought my first civita bag in 1995. I recently bought a new one and dont see a noticable difference. The size appears to be about the same.

Posted by Glenn
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Canada
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Hmmmm, now I'm curious as to what size your original bag is compared to the newer one. I purchased my Civita in late spring of 2009 and haven't had any problems with its size at all ( I'm 5' 11", 195 lbs ). Have they downsized since my purchase I wonder?....