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86 rue de Levis to Gare de Lyon

taxi vs RER - would it be too expensive to take taxi. will have 2 carry-on suitcases and are 2 in our party. Traveling by metro might be too difficult?

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Traveling by metro will only be difficult if you find public transit to be difficult and if you are not comfortable carrying your luggage, although in this case it sounds as though you will have packed lightly. You are at most a five-minute walk to the metro from the originating place, it will then be 4 minutes on line 3 to Saint-Lazare station, where you will catch a metro on line 14 for the 7-minute ride to Gare de Lyon. Of course allow yourself some time in-between to wait for the metro trains to arrive, and then to walk out of the metro station into Gare de Lyon.

The cost for the metro will be €1.60 per person, for a total of €3.20.

A taxi, on the other hand, will take about 18 minutes to drive the distance (according to Google Maps) and will cost anywhere from €12-16 depending on the time and the day, as taxi prices have varying scales in Paris.

If you want to plan out a trip with the metro, you can use the RATP English website.

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Jackioe, we had the same question BEFORE we had learned how to use the Metro. So a couple of weeks ago,when we were leaving Paris, and heading for the TGV at Gare de Lyon, we debated about taking the cab. Cabs are reletivily cheap in Paris.

We ended up taking the Metro, and we had a lot more luggage than you. But, we had five days experience riding the RER and Metro. We even used them on our 1st day, when we were tired and jet lagged out with no problem.

There may be lots of steps,but I have a bad foot, and managed them with no problem.