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Hopefully, the US can beat Ghana and advance. I think they eliminated us last time.

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I think they eliminated us last time

Sadly, I attended that match in Nuremberg. I've tried to mostly block that day out of my memory. But one fond memory I have is the the local garage band the city hired to play classic American Rock hits in the city center after the match. The lead singer couldn't speak a word of English, but did one of the best live renditions of "Sweet Home Alabama" (in English), I've ever head. It was quite a site watching several hundred US and Ghanaian Fans dancing and singing along:)

Does anyone want to volunteer and hide my credit cards so I don't make an impulsive, and expensive last minute trip to South Africa for Saturday's match:)

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Michael, if you start out early today you just might make it for kick off :)

Huge day on Saturday. Not getting my hopes up but a win could put the US on a very workable path to the semis.

I'm just happy England went from an 'automatic semi-birth' (per the pundits) to a Germany, (and likely) Argentina route to the semis :)