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What is the best airport to fly into if we are going to take a train from Frankfurt to Bachrach? I have heard there are several Frankfurt airports.

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A one way, one person ticket from Frankfurt Flughafen to Bacharach, all by regional train, is €10,50/p. The trip takes an hour and a half with a change of trains (usually) in Mainz.

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Hi Nancy. The airport you want is Frankfurt am Main (airport code: FRA). The other "Frankfurt" airport is Frankfurt Hahn (HHN), which is actually located many miles away from the city of Frankfurt, out by the Mosel river.

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Nancy, I've taken the trip from Bacharch to FRA in the reverse direction, and as I recall there was something "unusual" about the change of trains in Mainz. Although it was just a matter of walking across the platform, the other platform was "offset" a bit. I can't remember the details, but maybe Lee can help. One other point to note is that there are TWO rail stations at FRA, one for long distance trains and one for Regional trains. Be sure to note the difference. The trip to Bacharach is very easy. When you arrive at the station, it may look deserted as it's not staffed any longer and the station building is closed up. Walk to the end of the platform, turn left and then right onto the main road. Which Hotel are you staying at? Happy travels!

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Thanks so much for the info. We don't have our hotel yet. I'll be sure to remember what you wrote. Thanks! :)