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airfare prices

what is the trick to determine the right time to buy air tickets - Tulsa, Ok to Venice , Italy round trip on Delta - last week ( saturday) the prices dropped by almost 400.00 per ticket - then today went back up 150.00 per ticket - is it just luck of the draw - or is there a method to pricing ?? we want the delta flights because they offer one stop only going each way thanks Ron

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you really have to watch the fares daily to jump on the best deals. I don't even trust fare alerts though I set them. I've found that a fare may be majorly reduced one day without any notice and then be up again the next day.

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This is no magic rule. You buy when you think the price is right. You have to be very lucky to buy the cheapest tickets because when it drops you will wait until it drops more. Decide what you are willing to pay, buy it and don't look back. Like buying stock - hard to buy at the bottom.

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I start by shopping everywhere. Then set up daily alerts. Between the two I get a good idea, over a few weeks, of the types of fares I can expect. From there I usually book the tickets that are a fair price with the right schedule for me, rather than add stops and layovers to save a relatively small amount. Flying is the worst part of my trip (because of TSA and crowded planes, not because I don't like flying), I like to get it over with as quickly as possible.