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Hi, I went to seat guru to check out my seats on my scotland trip. On the way there we r in a nice airplane with a center section of seats. On way back in a 757 and people
Reviewed it on seat guru and three people said don't fly on this plane. It only has two seats of seat is smaller than the other one and from what they say it's OLD an should not be flying international trips. Can you change your plane ticket to come back on a different plane?

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The type of aircraft on a particular flight is up to the airline.
And you're right, the 757 is not as comfortable an aircraft for a flight over the Atlantic. It's not a wide body plane and has only one aisle, makes it difficult to get up and walk around, compared to a wide body plane with two aisles.
Sounds like you're stuck, unless you want to change your ticket, probably for a change fee, and if you're not careful, you'll pay the change fee and might still get a 757 coming back.

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One of my best recent flights was on a United 757 to London. Great entertainment system and basically the same airplane seat as any other plane ... and the flight was not full so I ended up with an empty middle seat next to me. If you are on a 757, it is because it is a shorter flight. You've already bought your ticket, don't worry about it.

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I have never heard of any problems with them. Keep in mind that the airlines maintain their planes and inspect constantly and that even a brand new plane could have a glitch or problem and crash. I doubt if the people posting reviews on Seat Guru are plane experts or know the specific condition of the specific plane you'll fly. I wouldn't worry. No airline or pilot would want to fly a plane if they thought it was unsafe. If the pilots aren't worried, I wouldn't be other. Another thought- sometimes people get angry at an airline (hotel, etc) and make public remarks to try to keep people from using the airline, hotel, or restaurant.

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To each their own. The reviewers may be correct as far as their experience goes and as far as they interpreted their experience. If you check Alitalia reviews you find people trash the airline, I, on the other hand, have had good to excellent experiences with Alitalia.

People hate Vernazza because it is clogged with tourists, when they are one of the tourists clogging Vernazza.

I agree with every one else, you are stuck with it now, unless you want to pay the fee to change it. Good luck on your trip.

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Teani, change fees depend on the airline and the ticket category, you would need to contact them or check their website. Change fees should also be noted on your confirmation email when you purchased the ticket.

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A change of ticket generally costs at least $250 in change fees plus any change in fare for your ticket. Keep in mind that when you buy a ticket, the airline always reserves the right to change the equipment.

What airline are you flying? If on United, you'd be better off paying to upgrade to economy plus. The economy plus seats on their 757s actually have more legroom than on their 767 or 777.

Many people take 757s from the east coast across the Atlantic everyday. I've taken a 757 on transatlantic routes a number of times and honestly when you are sitting in the seat there really isn't any real difference between being on a 757 and a large plane. It will be a flight of under 8 Hours. That really isn't much time when you consider it.

Enjoy your trip and try not to worry.

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The CDG-Pittsburgh flight leg of our trip last year was on a 757. No problems with it, even though I spent the flight sick as a dog. One nice thing about smaller planes is that you can end up with shorter lines at Immigration on international legs if it you're not one of many international flights landing all at once.

In terms of age, they were in production until 2004, and the ones used by US/EU airlines are generally regarded to be right in the middle of safe operating lifespan. Generally a really excellent safety record, with only a 'on one hand' record of catastrophic mechanical failures despite heavy use in commercial aviation. Would rather fly on one of them than a 787, which still doesn't seem entirely debugged, IMO.

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I think you are reading too much and taking everything at face value without understand the situation. For example - Isis is not coming to Scotland now or ever. You cannot change tickets just because you don't like the look of the plane or the crew. Planes have to be certified to fly transatlantic flights so that is not an issue. It may not be as big as a wide body but the seats will be the same. You need to relax. There are a lot of ignorant statements make on the internet and some have been made here. You need to ignore comments that don't make a lot of sense on the surface. You will be fine.

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From a passenger's standpoint a B-757 is one of the best of the narrow-body aircraft. Entry-exit access is superb. Its main cabin door is aft of the first class section, so you don't have to go as far to get to/from your seat.

Pilots love the 757. In a recent poll, airline pilots rated their favorite airplanes. Some responses:

"757-200 with the Rolls Royce engines. Incredible performance on one engine."

"757 - Lots of power and just plain fun
767 - Similar to the 757 but more Cadillac like"

"B-747 -easiest big airplane to fly
B-757 (a Cessna 172 with more power than you can imagine)
B-767 (same as 757 but roomier)
MD11 (present airplane - not an easy plane to fly - proof that engineers cannot design airplanes without pilot input...but they keep trying); too close to retirement to learn a new plane."

"B-727: real pilots airplane, built strong, great systems, takes a 'lickin and keeps on tickin.
B-757/767: easy to fly, Boeing built, need I say more?
A-320: High tech, very intuitive. Flies like a GA light twin."

Safety? These pilots know they themselves would be the first to arrive at the scene of an accident, and they have no qualms about the 757. Too old? Chronological age is irrelevant with regard to airplanes like this. Airliners in scheduled service go through incredibly intensive periodic maintenance and overhauls. Pilots joke that the only "old" part of an airplane after a D-level check is the shadow. I'd not hesitate to board a 757 for a transatlantic trip.

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Hi Teani. I have flown on the 757 internationally many times. They are safe and reliable. While they are not a wide body plane, they are comfortable and usually have a two class cabin setup. As to durability, An Icelandair 757 recently took a direct shot from a bolt of lightning shortly after takeoff form Reykjavik on its way to Denver. The lightning punched a hole in its nose cone but the plane completed the entire journey without a problem. Do what you feel is best but a ride on a 757 won't be a bad thing.

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Have you ever seen the Aircraft Disasters episode (Netflix) involving the 757?
It's mostly up to the competence of the guys in front.
Riveting video re-enactment. Just don't watch it before you fly.
Like most swept-wing aircraft, it's not a plane you want to fly close to stall.

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I just want to thank all of you for the responses. A lot of good information.