Money Belts

When wearing a belt/around the neck, does that have to be taken off/noticed at airport secruity points ??

Posted by Chris
Renton, WA, USA
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I removed any coins or other metal from my neck belt before going through security. I went through security at Sea-Tac, London Gatwick, Prague Ruzyne and London Heaththrow airports withno problems.

Posted by Tom
Newport Beach, CA, USA
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Same here - In Frankfurt going back to US - they asked I put my money belt through the Xray. They want all pokets empty - walets etc. I try to put it in my day-pak outside pocket just for the xray rather than their change-dishes. Just be polite and and ready to be accomodating to move through quickly!

Posted by Terry
Bend, OR
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In 5 trips to Europe, have never had anyone ask about the neck security wallet I wear under my shirt...EXCEPT the one time I was taken behind a security wall by a woman for a "random" check. There was a divider set up, but people boarding the plane could have easily seen around it without much effort. She asked me to remove it. I said, "Fine, but I'll have to take off my top first." She decided that it wasn't necessary, so I didn't get the chance to flash the other passengers. But I would have done it..ANYTHING to get on that plane to Europe!

Posted by Marjorie
Atlanta, GA, USA
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In a dozen trips, I have never removed my money belt at security. I never have any metal in it (I don't keep coins there).

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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We have been through security dozens of times wearing a money belt with no problems BUT !!!! last year we were returning from Frankfurt through DULLES -- that was the problem -- anytime you fly through Dulles the security is about tripled. I am sure that is why Tom had to put his money belt through the X-ray. Our money belts were detected in the pat down after going through the machine. My wife was taken to a room and nearly stripped search - down to her underwear -- because she tried to "deceive" the security by wearing a money belt. A 65 year old librarian is a major security threat !!! I faired only slightly better because I just pulled off my shirt and stood there, Our money belts were dumped and every credit was examined and even the money. I suppose they thought we might have shapen the edges of the cards. It was fairly rough and designed to intimidate. Somewhere we missed the sign that said to remove money belts. NEVER BOOK A FLIGHT THROUGH DULLES.

Posted by Cora
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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I went through international security last May with my neck wallet and it did not set off the metal detector, but the security guard saw that I was wearing it and ask me to take it off, she hand searched it right in front of me just checking all the pockets. I switched to the belt instead of the neck one because I found it more comfortable and was not stopped at all, going through security a few times.

Posted by Kate
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The simple answer is that at any airport security these days, you are asked to remove everything from your pockets & put all jackets & bags through the x-ray machine. This includes moneybelts. There's no reason not to - chances of anything get stolen right in front of you are miniscule and you don't waste everyone's time by having to take it off if it does set the machine off or security notices it. Just tuck it your bag and put it on again after security.
Security is no fun these day (like it ever was), but I find European security much better. Any no matter where you are, if you follow the rules and don't try to make things more difficult than they need to be, the lines will go faster and the whole process will be less painful.